electrical area

fabrication area

anything from one vehicle to your entire fleet of vehicles.

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whether you are looking for a complete vehicle install, repair,

or simply looking to purchase products to install yourself... we can help.


We have proudly been serving

Wisconsin based Fire departments


other local company fleets

since 2006.

We are able to service any electrical needs

that a department or company may have.  

From apparatus, to station alerting and PA systems...

  • vehicle lighting and electronics installations 

  • Bring in your existing lights and equipment, or purchase the brands that we distribute; many of which we have in stock.  We can install your brand preference.
  • vehicle lighting and electronics equipment sales

  • Check out our PRODUCTS page for a list of all the brands and equipment that we distribute.  If we don't have it in stock, we can get it.
  • service and repair work

  • Did your taillight flashers just stop working?  Does your strobe pattern need a little more pep?  Maybe all of your lights have to be turned on with separate switches?  No problem is too big or too small.  We can take a peek and get everything working to your specifications.
  • optional on-site installation

  • We have a 40 foot trailer, that is loaded with supplies, equipment and tools, that we can take to your site.  For those jobs with multiple vehicles, and jobs that are ongoing for several days/weeks.
  • electrical design and installation:   

  • Including: radio installation, hardware modification, custom multiplex design and installation, Mobile Data Computer Systems, custom consoles, and more...
  • custom metal fabrication and design

  • Our capabilities don't end at electrical work.  We offer custom welding, sandblasting, powder coating, mobile fabrication machines, and a CNC plasma table, all for customized metal fabrication of brackets, dash plates, bumper siren covers, license plates, logo cutouts, signage, and whatever else you can dream up.
  • station alerting for fire departments

  • From whole station alerting, utilizing 2-tone paging tones to network based, company based zoned alerting systems.  An entire package or singular items, such as speakers, lighting, microphones, toning, etc... can be installed.  Your Fire Station Alerting System will include all materials, equipment, installation services, training and support.  Compliant with all applicable local, state and national electrical building codes and compliant with the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

40' On-site shop trailer

This unit is a one stop installation and fabrication trailer.  It houses all of our main equipment and has an on-board 7kw generator as the power plant.  It is also equipped with an alarm/GPS unit that is monitored off site, which allows geo fencing for vehicle location, that aids in our safety.

electrical system

This trailer is powered by an on-board LP 7kw generator and has 6 large batteries that are charged by an on-board charger and solar panels.  This ensures power to vital parts of the trailer including: heat, air conditioning, alarm, door activation, and GPS functions.  This trailer is self sufficient without a shoreline.


We are able to work year round, rain or shine. We have a 60,000 btu furnace, so those cold Wisconsin days never show us down.  On the flip side, we have 2 hi-output air conditioners for the humid Wisconsin summers.  

electrical & fabrication  areas

Our electrical area in this trailer is separate from our fabrication area, to ensure that our work area is clean and free from dust and debris.  We also have 5000' spools of additional wire on a portable spool cart, for the wiring of larger projects on-site.  We stock all electrical items needed for installation jobs.


Custom diamond plate cabinets outfit this entire trailer.  This allows parts to be organized and stored in a manner that permits us to work faster since equipment is laid out by process/task.

metal fabrication

We use an assortment of fabrication equipment, from a 40 ton press, CNC plasma cutter, welders, and a large commercial metal band saw.  We make custom one-of-a-kind brackets, mounts, license plates and frames, logos, and whatever else a job needs.  We can weld All types of metal, of which we stock.

cnc  plasma table

This CNC plasma table allows us to make precise custom cut brackets and other metal pieces, to give our installations have an OEM look and feel.  This capability saves us precious time and labor during installations.  We can anything from a department rig number or logo to your custom design.  The options are endless.

check out a custom cut sign...


We work with all metals.  Our Fabricators can weld tig, mig, aluminum, stainless steel, and your regular old mild steel.  The type of metal used is dependant on it's function and look desired.

brake press

This brake press precisely bends sheet and plate material, forming our custom made metal components.  Since it forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die, this also saves us vital time on projects.

sand blasting cabinet

The abrasive blasting in this cabinet forcibly propells a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants.  This operation saves even more time, in prepping our custom made metal components.

how we work

We strive for cleanliness and thoroughness, of which we transfer to the job site.  Our end results are OEM quality.  We ensure that all wires are 125% of the amp load, split loom all wire harnesses, use stainless steel hardware for all mounting applications and water proof or deutsch connect all exterior connections.